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Missed call solutions for your business

Use Knowlarity’s missed call solutions to connect with your customers

Benefit from India’s best missed call solutions provider

A missed call is the fastest way to know what your customer wants. Use Knowlarity’s missed call solutions to run missed call campaigns for your business and increase the number of leads by up to 80%.

Generate leads with our missed call solutions

Missed call solutions help in speedy acquisition of customers and customer detail in real time. Every missed call received is a prospective customer

Hyper targeted approach with missed call marketing campaigns

A missed call marketing number enables you to tap audiences from regions with low internet or smartphone penetration. Increase the reach of your business with a missed call marketing campaign, thereby optimizing your target audience

Use your missed call number to provide opt-ins

As per TRAI, people registered on DND cannot be contacted. Give a missed call number to ask for confirmation of their interest and avoid legal hassles. Freely include these numbers to your database as leads

On-demand content facility with our missed call solutions

A missed call number in conjunction with the outbound calling solution can be used by brands to share customized content with your target audience over a phone call

Build interactive campaigns with our missed call solutions

Conduct polls, surveys and gather valuble customer feedback to support your outbound campaigns. Use missed call solutions to call back your customer with detailed product/service information at zero cost to them

Optimize campaigns and audience with Knowlarity’s missed call solutions

Our missed call solution finds multiple applications across industries

  • Publish a missed call number to increase your customer base
  • Any missed call received on your published missed call number is a lead
  • Use our missed call solutions to conduct research polls and surveys before launching new products and services
  • Combine the missed call solution with outbound calling solution for instant customer enagagement and quick conversions
  • Publish a missed call number on different mediums (TV, Print, website) and track the perfomance of each channel basis the missed calls received

Your business can do more with a missed call number

How you should integrate Knowlarity’s missed call solutions with your business to increase revenue

Toll free missed calls for your customers

Integrate an already-in-use toll free number with the missed call solution and give a boost to your campaigns

Easily Integrate your missed call number with CRM and Google Analytics

Our missed call solution easily integrates with custom analytics tools. Get insights and define user journey with a reporting interface

Return multiple missed calls

Missed call solutions can now be used to return upto 50 missed calls concurrently in less than a second

Missed call automatically disconnects after one ring

Missed call solutions bear zero cost to the customer. The missed call becomes a source of documenting customer interest and a follow up call/SMS is instantly triggered to continue engagement

Low deployment time on your missed call number

Buy a missed call number and activate it within 10 minutes or integrate with an existing number

Frequently Asked Questions

Missed call service can be used for:

  • Marketing campaigns- with missed calls service the marketing team can reach to a larger audience. This is because the audience can engage with the company just by giving a missed call.
  • Customer feedback- customers can give their feedback just by giving a missed call.
  • Social media contests- Every time a participant wants to answer a question. He can do so just by giving a missed call and the answer will be recorded.
  • Getting customer information- the company can get their customers information using missed call service. This is possible because when a customer gives a missed call all their information directly gets recorded in the company’s database.

A Missed Call service has several extremely useful features – it should be toll free for the customer. Your customers should not have to pay any charge to reach the business. It should automatically disconnect very quickly after the customer calls, typically after a single ring. This saves time. It should provide call analytics about the number and the kind of conversation with a reporting interface where you can view it with ease. It should be able to handle and provide the service for multiple incoming calls at the same time. It should have a simple integration process with most CRM software.

Telecommunication has come a long way, and currently, everyone is busy taking everything to the cloud. Cloud telephony, one of the premier boons of this popular revolution is helping us simplify things by redefining complexity. In India, too vast and cumbersome processes have become easy by using cloud telephony. Many spheres of work are using the cloud, hospitals and food services to name a few. Indians are connecting with different people around the globe, and cloud telephony is helping to catalyse this change. We can easily network people far away and finalise business deals manually without being physically present.

A missed call services has many benefits to the company and cliecnts. some of the benefits are as follows: More reach to potential customers, it gets more potential customers contact you by boosting your marketing campaign. This is because giving a missed call and getting a call back is better and easier than contacting marketing campaign heads through other means of communication like messages, email and regular calls. Includes existing customers to the marketing campaign This means the existing customers of the company can also be a part of the marketing campaign through the missed call solution provided to them.. Saves customers money and time the missed call service is a very beneficial service not only for the service provider but also for the customer. Getting the call back saves customers money. On the other hand, the customer only has to give a missed call which saves time. As he will not get a busy number and the service provider will call him back as soon as possible.

Missed Call service is that feature where a user or visitor calls the company and then it disconnects after one ring. Then the agent is notified about the call through the notification. This notification is termed as missed call alert. It is very important for the operators as this help them keep track of everything that they missed. During the odd hours when the agents aren’t available, missed call service takes the responsibility to handle the situation. Moreover, it saves customers money which leaves a credible image. It is definitely one of the key feature that can improve customer-company relationship.


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